Growing picking cauliflower - that's how it's done

Growing picking cauliflower - that's how it's done

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Today we would like to introduce you to something very special: picking cauliflower. You can add this e.g. on the balcony. You can read here how it works.

Picking cauliflower can be planted in a pot

After the demand for balcony plants and terrace plants has increased enormously in the past few years, the resourceful gardening trade creates so many cultivated forms of old-fashioned plants.

Recently, this also includes the picking cauliflower, the small florets of which are used several times, so to speak portions thrive on each stick. And this with absolutely minimal maintenance!

Of course, the practical picking cauliflower can also be planted at any time in the greenhouse or in open fields (link tip: plant vegetables in the greenhouse - crop rotation is important). We'll tell you how to do it here.

Growing picking cauliflower - that's how it's done

Plant the picking cauliflower

The picking cauliflower prefers a always sunny to minimally partially shaded location, which you can optimally guarantee by spreading the seeds in flower pots. From February onwards, you can prefer the seeds on the sunny window sill at temperatures of up to 20 degrees - ideally under glass. To do this, you should only gently press the individual seeds into a nutrient-rich seed soil, then cover them loosely with soil and let them germinate in the pots for about 2 weeks.

The sowing of the seeds is possible until June - also directly on the balcony or terrace, i.e. outdoors. This in turn has the advantage that the cauliflower can be harvested fresh for longer periods of the season.

Maintain picking cauliflower

" To water:

You only need to water picking cauliflower moderately if necessary. However, you have to be careful that there is no waterlogging in the pots. The picking cauliflower should even always dry slightly, because this promotes cabbage formation!


Furthermore, the picking cauliflower also needs one or two full fertilizers during the first growth phase. It is best to use a liquid fertilizer.

»Remove discolored leaves:

If leaves turn pale or brownish around the cauliflower, you should cut them off immediately so that the further growth of the cabbage plant is not impaired.

»Control pests:

Unfortunately, the picking cauliflower can also be affected by all typical cabbage pests. Here, the cabbage whitelings make him especially difficult from time to time (link tip: fight pests - 5 natural means to combat). As soon as an infestation of the individual pot is recognizable, you should cleanly remove the eggs that have been laid down. Then you should protect all heads of cabbage with a fine insect net, so as to largely avoid spreading pests that are still present.

Harvest picking cauliflower

You can harvest your picking cauliflower from around late June to sometimes even early October (depending on the weather). You should remove the individual cabbage florets from the mother stick with a knife.

If you start harvesting early, the picking cauliflower will sprout fresh side shoots.

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