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Planting woodruff - you should note that

Do you love woodruff punch? Then do it yourself in the future. You only need to plant woodruff in the garden. Read here what you should consider.

Woodruff smells wonderful

We know Waldmeister primarily as a beverage additive and as a type of jelly. You don't even have to buy these things!

If you plant the pleasant-smelling, delicate-looking plant in the shady part of your herb garden, you can easily make jelly or punch with a woodruff flavor yourself. We will now tell you what you need to consider when planting and caring for the woodruff.

Plant woodruff

" Location:
The woodruff prefers a partially shady to shady location, preferably under deciduous trees, with a limestone soil as possible. As the woodruff overgrown over the years, it is also very suitable as a flowering ground cover in the shade of your garden.

" Ground:
Since - as the name suggests - the woodruff is predominantly native to nature in the forest, a humus-rich, always moist soil is also an advantage - this must be watered when it is dry.

You have to sow the woodruff in autumn so that it will flower for the first time in the coming spring. Alternatively, you can also buy annual or perennial potted plants in the garden center.

We chose “real woodruff” from the Horstmann tree nursery. We planted the 25 plants directly under a maple on the dark side of our garage. Grows very well there and has already found its way into the kitchen. ; -)

Maintain woodruff

The woodruff develops its first fine, white flowers from the end of April. However, its main bloom is from May to June. During this time you can also harvest the woodruff herb (always just before flowering). Here you should know, however, that you can only harvest the woodruff from the second year.

»Further processing:
After harvesting, you can dry the herb in the shade (it would wither in the sun) and then process it further - e.g. as tea. Fresh woodruff, on the other hand, is ideal as a flavor in small quantities, e.g. in salads or fruit salads, on cakes, in drinks, in desserts, etc.

Dried woodruff can also be sewn into scented pillows. You can then put these pillows in the laundry. There they then drive away annoying moths.

»Woodruff in winter:
During the winter months, you should always cover the woodruff plant with coniferous green. Another good thing is the accumulation of old leaves, which can rot well over the winter and give sufficient nutrients to the woodruff.

»Do not fertilize!
You should never fertilize woodruff. In addition, you should not rake in the immediate vicinity of the woodruff. Because the plant has very soft, flat roots, which could be destroyed immediately.