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Protect peaches from frost - how it works

In addition to apple tree and cherry tree, no peach tree should be missing in any garden today. Read here how to protect your peach tree from frost in winter.

Put a cloth over the peach tree

Peaches are real vitamin bombs
Peaches actually come from the Mediterranean, where it is particularly warm and Mediterranean. But now they also thrive in our latitudes - and not bad. So if you don't have a peach tree in the garden yet, you should plant one as soon as possible, because peaches are real health bombs. In addition, your own peach tree in the garden is something different and who doesn't like fresh peaches? In order for the peach to become the way you want it, you should protect your peach tree from frost.

Protect peaches from frost - how it works
Peaches like to be sunny. This can mean that they start blooming too early when the weather is nice. When frosty nights follow, the filigree flowers could freeze to death and that was it with a plentiful harvest of peaches this year. That's why you should be active and delay flowering. You can do this by stretching a linen cloth or garden fleece over the tree. However, this should only happen when the sun is shining. If the risk of night frosts is over, this measure is no longer necessary.