Remove aphids - 2 home remedies

Remove aphids - 2 home remedies

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Removing aphids - a topic that affects every garden owner at some point. Good if you can rely on natural home remedies.

The ladybug is a natural enemy of aphids -

Every hobby gardener has experienced this before: you are enjoying the beautiful flowers and suddenly you discover them little nasty monster, With their proboscis, thousands of aphids tackle the flowers and leaves and destroy everything beautiful and green.

But don't panic, you can remedy the situation without having to use the chemical club. Either you collect nettle and make a broth from the leaves or you use the ladybug as a collector.

Remove aphids with nettle stock

Let's get to the nettle stock. Use boiling water to make a brew from the freshly collected leaves. That means the boiling water is poured over the nettles. The nettles must now soak in the cooled brew for at least two days. Once everything has been pulled through, you can pour off the leaves. Use the remaining broth to spray the plants affected by aphids.

It is important that you do not spray when the sun is shining. Otherwise it can happen that the leaves and flowers get unsightly brown spots. This nettle brew also helps against mildew and spider mites.

Have aphids removed from ladybugs

If you have plenty of ladybugs in the garden, you can count yourself lucky, because the black-dotted beetles like to eat aphids for their lives. What many gardeners don't even know is that the larvae of the ladybirds are already powerful aphid killers. If you want to create a pleasant habitat for the ladybird and thus encourage its reproduction, then leave the leaves underneath the bushes and perennials. This gives the ladybirds an optimal winter quarters. Do you know any other natural home remedies to remove aphids? Then just write a comment below.