Weed Removal - Our 4 Best Tips

Weed Removal - Our 4 Best Tips

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Weed fleece can help

Some say that everything that grows in the garden is justified there. And that's why some don't weed plucked.

However, if you have laid out your garden nicely, then it is all too understandable that you don't tolerate wild weeds in the flower bed - so get out with it.

But things often proliferate and you no longer master the situation. So that you can at least contain them a little, because they will never completely disappear, there are a few options. Here are our 4 tips weed to remove and to Reduce:

  1. Deep-rooted weeds such as Giersch, buttercup or the field winch, the plants that form new shoots from the roots, should be pricked off with a shovel and the roots pulled out. Likewise, the complete plants, including roots, must be removed from dandelions and thistles.
  2. Try to work against weeds with pretty ground covers. At least that is how it is reduced.
  3. A layer of mulch does no harm and contains weeds.
  4. If you put in a bed before planting weed control fabric spread and then cover with a layer of bark mulch, then you have a long time to rest from the weeds.

Update: miracle cure for weeds found
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