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Cow dung pellets - a very high quality fertilizer

If you want strong plants in the garden, then you should fertilize them. Best with cow dung pellets. Read here how you can use it to fertilize plants. Cow manure pellets - a very high quality fertilizer Excellent fertilizer Gardeners know that cow manure is an excellent, organic fertilizer.
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Caring for anther - 5 tips

Convertible florets are gems for the garden The pretty convertible florets are a real gem for every terrace and balcony. Today we would like to give you tips on how you should take care of your lavender. Tip 1 - Choosing the right location Flowering roses are not just a piece of jewelry for the terrace or balcony, the plants are often kept in the conservatory too.
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Flowers for every season - the season bed

Just put on a beautiful seasonal bed A very original idea is the so-called seasonal bed. If you want to plant flowers in your garden for all seasons, then you should plant such a bed. Creating a season bed For a season bed you have to divide a circle into twelve pieces of equal size.
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Planting garlic - 5 important tips

If you want a really chic eye-catcher in the garden, then you should plant ornamental onions. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind. Ornamental onion is a real eye-catcher Beautiful eye-catcher in the garden: the ornamental onion When the absolutely imposing flower balls, which place themselves bulky on their thin stems, bloom every year in the gardens, we can hardly see enough of them.
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